On-metal UHF LED PCB Tag

Product: On-metal UHF LED PCB Tag

Chip Type: KX2005XBL (OTP memory)

Resonant Frequency: 840~960MHz

Standard Protocol: ISO18000-6C, EPC C1G2

Working Mode: Passive

MOQ: 1000PCS

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  • Skai series On-metal UHF LED PCB tags, have excellent read and write performance on metal objects. The flashing LED can assist people for item-finding and positioning more quickly.
    It brings great help for inventory management and search of metal shelves, trays, metal and other items.
    According to different metal article shape, small to large sized tag can be customized make, also can be equipped with a plastic protective case.


  • ※ Metal article and asset management
    ※ Warehousing, Inventory management


  • ※ LED flashing on specific tag’s EPC from group items
    ※ Various On-metal applications
    ※ Small to large tag dimensions to meet different application
    ※ Mounting way by Adhesive Tape, screw or magnet (optional)
    ※ Bulk-reading, quick Led trigger On
    ※ Tag’s Led light up range up to 4.5m (depends on tag, reader, scenario)


  • ※ Dimension: 10×3mm; 10×5mm; 70×20mm;140×32mm (Customizable)
    ※ Thickness: 3.2mm
    ※ Protocol: ISO18000-6C, EPC C1G2
    ※ RFID Chip: KX2005XBL (OTP memory)
    ※ Frequency: 840~960MHz
    ※ Working Mode: Passive
    ※ EPC: 160bits, User: 1312bits, TID: 96bits
    ※ Chip Sensitivity: -23.5dBm (Read); -16dBm (Write)
    ※ LED: Green, Red

  • Physical Feature

    Q: What are the existing sizes of labels?
    A: 10×5×3mm,140×32×3mm or customized.

    Q: What’s the thinnest thickness of the labels?
    A: The thinnest thickness is 2.7mm.

    Q: What color can be made for the LED.
    A: Red or green color.

    Q: Do I need to use a specific UHF chip?
    A: Only use chips that support LED function, such as KX2005XBL.

    Q: What is the frequency range of this tag?
    A: 860~960MHz, or customized.

    Q: Can the label be self-adhesive?
    A: Domestic self-adhesive without substrate can be pasted.

    Q: How long does the adhesive last after sticking to the metal surface?
    A: The shelf life of conventional self-adhesives in a limited temperature and humidity environment is one year. If you need to strengthen the viscosity, you need to select the type of self-adhesive according to the use environment.

    Q: What is the form of shipment?
    A: Single electrostatic bag packaging.

    Q: Can a protective case be added?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How is the temperature resistance of this label?
    A: Temperature resistance -40~150℃.

    Q: What is the level of protection of this label?
    A: IP68

    Q: What personalizations are supported on the label surface?
    A: Laser engraving or silk screen printing.

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