Mini UHF On-Metal Tag

Product: Mini UHF On-metal Tag Conqueror Series

Dimension: 2*5.8*1.7mm, 3*10*3.5mm

RF Protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C

Key Application: On-metal, Asset Sticker Applications


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  • Mini UHF On-metal tag Conqueror Series come for RFID applications of metal objects such as tools, instruments, and instruments!

  • Industrial-grade special labels have outstanding characteristics such as metal resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high waterproof level (IP67)!

  • Whether it is attached to a metal surface or embedded in it, it can be efficiently read, group read or even read over and over, enabling a new level of RFID application!


  • ※ Build-in Antenna: Direct reading
    ※ Dimension: 2×5.8×1.7 mm,3×10×3.5mm
    ※ Chip: Impinj Monza R6P, NXP UCODE 9
    ※ Protocol: ISO18000-6B/C
    ※ Wide Frequency Range: 860~940M meets variable RFID/IOT applications
    ※ Installation Way:Attached to metal surface(glue), implant inside(slotting + glue)
    ※ Outstanding Performance:
    Reference as implanting inside metal surface
    40-10cm(depend on slotting depth)
    ※ Temperature Resistance:
    -196 °C/ >2000h, 125°C/ 1000h, 260 °C/5min
    -40 ° C ~+ 85 °C Working Temperature
    ※ Waterproofing Grade:IP67
    ※ Multi application scenarios

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From left to right, slot deepens gradually

From left to right, slot deepens gradually

Reading Distance: 403010-15cm

Reading Distance: 806040cm

  • Physical Feature

    Q: Is there any difference between the front and back of Conqueror series?
    A: There are positive and negative differences. The gold mark point should face the metal surface.

    Q: What chips can Conqueror series be used?
    A: ISO18000-6C-protocol chips can be used.

    Q: Is the tag high temperature resistant?
    A: -196℃/>2000h, 125℃/>1000h, 260℃/5min.

    Q: How long can data be retained on tags?
    A: According to the chip, it has been available for 10 years, 20 years and 50 years.

    Q: Is the label waterproof?
    A: Protection grade IP68.

    Q: What materials are used in the tag?
    A: Epoxy resin and fiberboard.

    Q: In what form is the product shipped?
    A: Three ways: scattering, braiding and UV film.

    Q: Does the tag carry adhesive when shipping?
    A: Without adhesive.

    Q: Can the tag be sterilized?
    A: High temperature sterilization or ultraviolet sterilization can be performed.

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