UHF On-Metal LED Flexible Label Honor Series

Product: RFID UHF LED Label Honor Series

Dimension: 60x30x1.4mm(Customizable)

Antenna Layout & LED Location: Customized

RF Protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C

RFID Chip: KX2005XBL(OTP Memory)

MOQ: 1000PCS

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  • Honor presents a new generation Passive UHF On-Metal Flexible Label with LED lighting indication!

    Honor label can work perfectly on metal surface, assist RFID applications for specific object location query or finding navigation by LED flashing. Honor labels could be printed by regular way and make customized dimensions.

    With RFID handheld reader, tag’s EPC can be read and LED lighting activated remotely, so as to quickly query and locate the target item. Greatly improve the efficiency and management for items finding objects!

    The wide range anti-metal design is boosting various RFID applications with metal objects!


  • ※ LED light, On-metal and flexible printable combination
    ※ Led flashing on specific label’s EPC from group items
    ※ Suitable to various metal surfaces
    ※ Bulk-reading, quick LED On
    ※ Plain surface, support most RFID printers
    ※ Shipping form: Wet inlay, Label in roll
    ※ Various antenna and label size, tailored to the project

General Specification

  • ※ Dimension: 60×30×1.4mm (Customizable)
    ※ Protocol: ISO18000-6C, EPC C1G2
    ※ RFID Chip: KX2005XBL (OTP memory)
    ※ EPC: 160bits, User: 1312bits, TID: 96bits
    ※ Frequency: 840~960MHz
    ※ Working Mode: Passive
    ※ Chip Reading Sensitivity: -23.5dBm
    ※ Antenna Pattern and LED position: customs design
    ※ LED: Red, Green

Performance and Test

  • Physical Feature

    Q: Can the label size be customized?
    A: Customizable. The label size must be greater than 30 × 15mm.

    Q: What size is the thinnest one?
    A: conventional thickness is 1.0~1.4mm, and the short-range identification can reach 0.6mm.

    Q: What kind of surface material can be compounded on the surface?
    A: Coated paper or PET surface material.

    Q: What color can LED lights be made?
    A: Red or green.

    Q: Do I need to use a specific UHF chip?
    A: Only chips that support LED functions, such as KX2005XBL can be used.

    Q: Which type of regular adhesive is it?
    A: Domestic adhesive without substrate.

    Q: How long can the adhesive stick on the metal surface last?
    A: The shelf life of conventional self-adhesive is one year in the limited temperature and humidity environment. If the viscosity needs to be strengthened, the self-adhesive needs to be selected according to the use environment.

    Q: What is the shipping form?
    A: Shipping in roll. Each roll 200~500pcs.

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