Liquid Trucks Supply Sourcing Chain Cold Chain - Transporation Management
Oct 13, 2022


  • Food package,brand protection of food, food situation issues under tamper detection

    Providing NFC antenna design with brittle, destructive, one time use function

    RFID accessory NFC broken on removal seal ID check inspection

    RFID security destructive fragile label sticker cosmetics label


  • In the Netherlands, approximately 800 liquid food trucks run daily in the supply chain. Security and traceability are important in a complex supply chain

    Difficulties in tracking: daily juice distribution is large, distribution points are scattered, and management efficiency is low

    Fraud end customers drink problematic juice, difficult to trace

    With liquid trucks RFID source management, you have a precise visibility of the products’ journey throughout the supply chain. At any time, you know where it is, where it’s coming from and where it is going. You can also add information to the chip throughout its journey, for even greater accuracy

    Liquid trucks RFID source management can increase operational efficiencies, can meet the requirements and with a good price for comfortable application

    Liquid trucks RFID source management via Put the UP180375B seal tag on the seal of each juice tank, and write the information on the batch of juice to track the traceability and confirm whether the seal has been opened

    ABS anti-metal tag, write the ID number of the vehicle, driver, and corresponding cable tie to record information

    Suitable for liquid food transportation suppliers such as juice, milk and goat milk

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