Poker game application
Aug 7, 2022

System Background & Requirement

  • Slap cheap RFID tag on pretty anything to open game app from phone/tablet
  • Digitized Objects with RFID game's interface better perception
  • Foresight to implement Game changing and Player interative in arena industry
  • UHF passive RFID-based strain sensors tab new character from running game
  • NFC game player identifying system faster role selection & group fighting
  • Game Live GPS Real Time Tracking such as golf,dungeon and dragon
  • Low-cost NFC game interative communication btw player and player

Analysis Value-Added

  • Choose one kind of chip as solution, listed are avalable chips below Ntag 213, F08, Icode2, untralight slix, S50, Ultralight 1V1, ST-lri2k H3, M4QT, M4E, M5.

  • Ticket Character: Aplication system are recommended to run together with a rfid tag of fragile(tamper evident is quite important to avoid copy issues) and durability which the tag must has an unique identification and 100% quality controlled to be sured that it is with a exclusive TID UID EPC User numbers in the world from their production line, along with a good reading performance matched with RF requirement.

  • Tag surface: printable for customer theirselves basing on coated paper coated PP or coated PET PVC etc, resistance alcohol & waferproof, allow printing & personalization individual pattern and contents on identification tag including numeric barcode serial No text and so on.

  • Especial Point: Electronic Identification is Non-transfer, Non-removal, Break On Removal, Tamper proof, One Time Seal, Disposable Anti-Destructive Function Technology.

  • Security Feature: Customized chip or antenna design is supported to match more further better security encryption purpose for example DNA AES128 SAM secure protection,password lock,memory defense,GPIO trigger and sensor control.

  • Further Customized System Research And Development: According to detailed requirement provide online friendly support including data Chip pre-programe,data write,special adhesiveness,durability,memory initialization,TID/UID Encoding,EPC Encoding,User Encoding,Password Protect,Kill,lization,production report,widely provided in security & defense application like banking, security attendance,license ticket,money bag,confidential documents,mobility payment,waste weight system,vehicl parking electronic toll collection ETC ITS system,fuelling petrol supplying system, anti-thief electric water meter solution,access control,alcohol track brand protection,NFC powerless LED warning system.

  • Exclusive Design & Patent Technology
  • Factory Quality Service
  • Support OEM, ODM & SKD services,acccept from the processing of Etching, Flip-chip Assembly, Lamination, Die-cut, Program Encoding ( TID/UID, Serial Number, Barcode , Associated All of the related Datas )
  • Customized Depending On Requirement;
    Customized Antennna,Inlay,Label Design to Required System;
  • Good Price & competitively;
    Confidential Security Product Structure Design & Evaluation;
  • Free Samples Provided existing in warehouse;
    Free Charge Analysis & Simulate Performance;
    Free Charge Solution Consulting Including fine Tuning;
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