Customization of a RFID tag is a systematic project. According to the author's experience it needs to go through six stages
  • 1. Demand Assessment
    Demand assessment is the most critical step. We need to evaluate whether RFID technology is needed due to the user's application.
  • 2. Preliminary Selection
    According to the results of the demand assessment, select tag band, product size, chip type, package form, installation method and so on.
  • 3. Cost Evaluation
    The influence element is chip type, encapsulation mode , size and data requirement.
  • 4. Samples Development
    Samples development includes indispensability process, antenna design, material manufacture, antenna etching, handmade sample, test and verification etc.
  • 5. Scene Measurement
    After samples done, the customer will test scene measurement, propose optimization suggestion.
  • 6. Selection of Optimization
    If the primary sample performance is not good, need to analyze and try to develop new samples and measure.
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