About ReadFind IoT

  • Readfind IoT is committed to:
    ※ Scenes of various RFID Tag’s research and development, production and application
    ※ Sensing and Auto identification technologies of IoT application solutions development

  • Readfind IoT, headquarters located in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone. Manufacturing facilities about 2.5 hours away from Shanghai airport.

    Dedicated to output excellent RFID products and solutions, customers over 60 countries. The key members of the team have 10+ years of senior background, involved in chip, tag and software fields.

    The strong R&D gene and innovation ability, enabling ReadFind IoT’s each product to highlight the unique application value. We aim to create each work and fill the gap in global industry!

    We contribute to the wider and deeper development of RFID technology, especially in assets, metals, liquids and more RFID application scenarios, to create the source of things connections.

    When RFID applications blossom everywhere, the Internet of Everything is coming to us! Readfind IoT is striving to be the symbol of "Created by China and Made by China" in the global RFID and IoT industry!!

ReadFind IoT
  • Mini UHF On-Metal Tag Conqueror Series
  • Super-mini UHF Tag Magic Series
  • UHF LED Label Edison Series
  • RFID on Metal Tag
  • RFID Wooden Card
  • NFC Business Tag

5 Star Products:

  • Super-Mini UHF Tag — Magic Collections
  • Mini On-Metal UHF Tag — Conqueror Collections
  • Passive UHF LED Label — Edision Collections

Outstanding Service:

  • RFID antenna, Inlay and tag design and customization
  • RFID professional testing tools, consulting and training services
  • RFID new technologies, new products and solutions for applications with the ground

Why work with ReadFind IoT?

  • Excellent R&D support for new project
  • Experienced team on customization service
  • Abundant industrial resource collaboration
  • Powerful supply-chain management ability
  • We make you different and more competitive always
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