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Super-mini UHF Tag Magic Series
Industrial-grade passive UHF Tag,2.6*2.6*0.8mm, 4*4*1mm
Mini UHF On-Metal Tag Conqueror Series
Apply to metal items such as tools, instruments etc. 2*5.8*1.7mm
UHF LED Label Edison Series
UHF LED Inlay is ideal design to reach item finding solution
RFID Robust NFC Tag
Shoe & Clothing Iron Label, Support a variety of NFC chip
Supply Chain Management
Provide finished and semi-finished products
Provide personalization and data processing
Help global customer at all levels from chip ,inlay, material ,card/tag.
A one-stop professional procurement service through our platform
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Readfind IoT is committed to: ※ Scenes of various RFID Tag’s research and development, production and application ※ Sensing and Auto identification technologies of IoT application solutions development. Readfind IoT, headquarters located in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone. Manufacturing facilities about 2.5 hours away from Shanghai airport. Dedicate...
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