LF/HF band resonance frequency inspection for Smart card, NFC tag

T8200PRO-G Standard          (for Standalone)

T8200PRO-G DIO                   (for Automatic machine)

Product features
Wide variety of applications

※ Resonance frequency inspection of NFC and smart card

· Judgment of PASS/FAIL in measurement result

· Automatic generation of inspection log file

· Read unique ID

· High power applied up to 15dBm

· Measurement of RFID antenna before IC mounting

※ Resonance frequency in spection of RFID reader / write rantenna

· Inspection of capacitor failure by resonance frequency

※Self-resonance frequency in spection of wireless power supply


Frequency peak


Q value


Unique ID

System configuration
Product Specifications

*1)"Tag-it HF-I" is a registered trademark of TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, "I · CODE SLI" and "MIFARE" are
registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors、"FeliCa" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
This unit is not an RFID reader / writer. It is not a device aimed at evaluating the communication performance of the inspection target. Depending on the inspection target, the ID may not be readable. For ISO 14443 B, it becomes PUPI read.
*2)The inspection time depends on the PC setting, the inspection setting contents of this machine, the characteristics of the inspection object, etc.

Inspection function introduction
1)Resonance frequency inspection of the smart card

There are smart cards whose resonance frequency shifts by applied power. With this unit, the applied power can be set within the range of -30 dBm to +15 dBm, and the resonance characteristics at high applied power such that the semiconductor chip mounted on the card communicates can be confirmed.

Applied power 0 dBm
Applied power + 13 dBm

2)Traceable management with UID

The inspection log is saved as a csv format text file

It is not limited to smart card or RFID.
It is also possible to measure by connecting the probe to the inspection target.
*An optional testing probe is required.

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